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WinX Burner Master 3.2

It is a suite of applications intended for various operations involving discs
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WinX Burner Master is a suite of applications intended for various operations involving discs. Thus, this package can be used to burn a disc from an ISO image file, build an ISO image from files on your disks, make an ISO copy of a disc as well as create music CDs, data discs and video discs. As extra features, it can also let you browse the contents of a disc, erase RW discs and rip audio CDs.

The applications in the package are well-integrated among them, in relation to both their functions and their visual appearance. A welcome menu lets you access them and gives the feeling of working with a single application. The component programs are Image Burner Wizard, Image Building Wizard, Image Grabber Wizard, Audio Burner Wizard, Data Burning Wizard and Video Burning Wizard. As you can see from their names, they all have wizard-like interfaces, which will help you use them with no difficulties.

Although each of the component applications deserves a separate review, we can spot that some of the overall limitations of the package are related to its support of a limited range of video formats when creating a video disc and the absence of a feature allowing to edit DVD menus. However, its main advantage is that it lets you perform various operations from a single suite. Moreover, buying them as a bundle may also save you some money.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It supports multiple operations involving discs


  • It supports a limited range of input formats
  • It does not allow creating DVD menus
  • It has several typos and English language mistakes
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